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    In years past we spent a lot of time on Florida's Gulf Coast. And each time it was tradition to head over to a Whole Foods for some of Buzzn Bee Orange Blossom Honey, a loaf of artisan bread and Irish butter. This culinary combination was pure heaven, as was the honey was on its own (ate most of it right out off the bottle). We haven't traveled south much over the past 9 years and I just recently ran across your honey online. Good fortune, as I haven't had this variety for some time. I purchased a bottle and as I consumed it with a spoon, the memories came flooding back. It's just as flavorful and sweetly delicious as I remember, so many years ago. I just got the honey last Saturday and more than half of the bottle is empty. I'm now anxious to try your wildflower honey as soon as I can (I have had other brands of Florida wildflower honey). I'm sure it will be as delicious as the orange blossom. So happy to have rediscovered this liquid gem. When others reach for manufactured treats, I reach for this 'sweet treat.' Simply nothing better.
    Paul Siefer - Oct 2016
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    Hi David! I wanted to tell you that I am in love with your Honeycomb! It was like a slice of heaven. My order arrived on time and thank you for the best honey ever! If only more people would realize the amazing health benefits they get from honey they would be eating it all the time. It truly is the body's healing agent. I have recommended your honey to my Tai Chi class and several of my neighbors. Thank you for being my beekeeper! Linda
    Linda, Coconut Creek, FL - Jan 2017
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