Honey FAQ

What is Crystallization?

Crystallization is a natural process.  Raw and unfiltered honey will crystallize due to variants of time and temperature. That is partially how you know it really is raw and unfiltered honey. The honey is still delicious and edible. 

To de-crystallize honey, simply place the container in a warm water bath. Be sure that the water covers 60-70% of the container. The water should not boil or simmer, be careful not to over-heat it.  You will see the honey gradually change back to liquid.  The honey will de-crystallize and become pourable. Remove the container from the water bath when all the honey has de-crystallized.

To prevent crystallization, store honey at room temperature in an air tight container.  It is not necessary to store honey in the refrigerator.  Please note, if you live in a cold climate, your raw honey shipment may crystallize during transit. 

Is Our Honey Pasteurized?

Our raw and unfiltered honey is not pasteurized or processed, helping to retain all its vitamins, pollen, enzymes, and nutrients.

Is Our Honey Kosher

Raw honey is intrinsically kosher. 

Is Our Honey Organic?

The USDA has not developed organic standards for domestic honey. Most certified organic honey found in grocery stores is imported.